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Temporary Email Addresses

Temporary email services respect your privacy when you need to fill in the registration form on a website. Now you don’t need to use your personal email address. No more spam in your real mailbox!

Mailinator was designed to fight that huge amount of spam you get after registration on various websites. Using Mailinator, you resolve the problem of providing your personal email address to anyone. You always have a new spam-free email address that is ready. The tool is meant to be used on a semi-regular basis when there is need of just a simple email address right now. One that you know you won’t need later.

MyTrashMail is considered to be one of the most popular temporary mail services that provide spam protection. Currently there is no better solution for spam control and prevention, than temporary emails. It is commonly known that to avoid spam is better than to fight it when it becomes a real problem.

10MinutesEmail also offers a temporary email service. The email address created with 10MinutesEmail expires in 10 minutes. Some of the email messages sent to that address can be automatically shown on the webpage. You can read the messages, click on the links (if there are any), or even reply to the messages you get. 10MinutesEmail is a perfect service when you want to register on a website that requires your email address in order to send a validation email to.

GuerrillaMail offers disposable emails which are active 15 minutes after creation. You can perform different actions with this temporary mail box: reply or send emails within the given time frame. One of the features of the service is that you can run it in four languages: English, Spanish, German, and Polish.

Jetable offers temporary email addresses. Soon after you create this temporary email, all the messages sent to this address will be forwarded to your real email address. Your antispam address will be blocked soon after the selected lifespan is expired. Jetable service is available in several languages: French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Esperanto, Italian, and Dutch.

MailExpire defends you, keeping your personal email address out of the spammers’ hands. With MailExpire you can use temporary email addresses for free during a period from 12 hours to 3 month. Use these email addresses when you are not sure in necessity of using these in future. If you get appropriate emails from the website you subscribed to-it’s great! But if you start getting much spam, you will get know where it comes from.

SpamBox creates a temporary mailbox which will forward every incoming message to your actual email address. To open account with SpamBox, you’ll need to set your email address and the life time of your spambox. Finally you’ll get a temporary email address with in the end. represents a disposable temporary email system. In order to avoid providing your personal information, including own email address to suspicious websites, will be a perfect tool for this.

BugMeNot Email will be helpful when you enter a website where it is necessary to register, providing your email address, the “verification” link will be sent to. There are 24 hours during which emails are saved. The system generates a pseudo-random email addresses.

Temporary Inbox offer temporary email address, that don’t require registration and are used to prevent spam in your actual mailbox. There are multiple web places where you can use these email addresses: lotteries, forums, or wherever.