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Useful Tools for Gmail

Gmail web service can be enhanced and extended due to many ways. A list of excellent tools is provided below. They will help you to add some useful functions to your account as to change its outlook. 

Desktop Applications

Gmail Notifier is a Dock or menu bar. It displays the unread status of a recently popular email service’s inbox.

gDisk is a software. It makes you Gmail account a portable hand drive. Due to this product you can always access your important files across the Internet. The application is created to be run on the Mac OS X 10.3 or higher.

gFeeder is a small customizable ticker application. It gives users the opportunity to view the situation in their Gmail Inbox at once.

Gmail Drive is the application via which a virtual file system is created on the top of Google GMail account. It allows users to save files stored on your GMail account as well as to retrieve them directly from inside Windows Explorer. A new drive is literally added to users’ computers under the My Computer folder. There new folders can be created and copied. Any files can be dragged and dropped to them too.

Gmail Loader will assist you when you want to import the existing email into Gmail. The application is designed for Linux and Windows. GML is free and easy to get.

Being is a Shell Namespace Extension, GMailFS allows you to use Gmail as a storage medium creating a virtual system around Google Gmail account.

GotMailG displays the number of unread email messages in a GMail account. Being a dashboard widget for Mac OS X 10.4, it has easy to use and simple interface. different colored backgrounds are supported now as well.

POP3/IMAP server for GMAIL in JAVA supports the option of the POP3 access to your Gmail account.

Thanks to Send To GMail any file can be backed up from the computer to Gmail account.

Greasemonkey Scripts

The Gmail logo can be removed due to Clean Gmail Print script when an email is printing using the built-in print function.

Folders4Gmail allows organizing labels in a folder-like hierarchy.

Force HTTPS for GMail, GCal, and GDocs is the tool to modify Google corner bookmarks to use HTTPS for GDocs, GCal and GMail.

gDate2Cal 0.1 is designed to recognize dates. It replaces them with links to Google Calendar when you get the invitation for a particular date.

Gmail + Reader Integration is the tool to integrate Google Reader into Gmail.

GMail Attachment Icons allows user to see the type of email attachment from the inbox.

Gmail attachment reminder v2.4.1 is the tool to remind you to attach a file to email when it is necessary.

A preview bubble based off of Gmail’s sidebar boxes can be shown thanks to Gmail Conversation Preview.

Being a simple script, Gmail Delete Button – RED Color allows changing color from new GMAIL DELETE Button.

Gmail Emoticons! Is the tool to add an “Emoticons” link next to “Check Spelling”. It is added in the Gmail Compose Window and opens a small new window with great many emoticons you can easily choose from.

Gmail Encrypt will help you to encrypt your emails. The script requires private and public keys to be created before receiving or sending emails.
The “Favorites Icon” is updated via Gmail FavIcon Alerts for the tab in which Gmail is loaded when a new chat messages or mails come into your inbox.

Gmail Google Calendar sidebar completes Gmail with a sidebar. This displays your upcoming appointments and events from Google Calendar.

Gmail – One Click Conversations makes it possible to view recent conversations at a glance. Rollover popup menu is also added to icon in message view.

GMail Header, Navigation and Ads Switcher allows users switching ads, navigation bar and the header by clicking the triangle icon. Screen real estate is effectively maximized for information important for you.

Gmail – Zip Attachments and Download is a script that allows you to download all attachments directly in a message clicking in the paper clip while not opening it.

Google Air Skin is a script to use a Google Reader, on, Google Calendar and Gmail. Every Font in Spreadsheet and Google Docs remained the same. The fonts changes are not indicated. The Font on Printing is seen.

Firefox Tools

Better Gmail is a Gmail enhancements comprehensive suite that includes saved searches, keyboard macros, skins, attachments icons and reminders, signature floating, secure access and label colors.

Delegate to Remember The Milk adds a new button on Gmail messages. This button generates an email to “Remember the Milk that creates a new task. This way is perfect to turn emails into tasks in quick way. A link is retained back to the original email.

Dragdropupload gives the user the opportunity to drop files into attachment boxes instead of browsing or typing in the filename. Fill all the entries and drop multiple files. It allows adding new upload files in some websites. In Gmail the files can be dropped directly over the “Attach a file” link.

GCalQuickTab allows easy switching between Google Calendar and Gmail in your browser. The tool overrides default behavior of the new Google/Gmail Calendar links. They in their turn appear in the upper-left-hand corner of those sites. The tab of the linked web app that is already open is brought into focus without opening it in a new window. Keyboard shortcuts like “l” for Calendar and “g” for Gmail also can be used to switch apps.

Gmail Checker is a Firefox extension that allows checking new messages in your Google Mail’s Labels and Inbox.

Gmail Manager provides users with the opportunity to receive new mail notifications and manage multiple Gmail accounts. It displays all details of your account including unread messages, spam messages, saved drafts and snippets of new mail.

Gmail Notifier offer managing multiple Gmail accounts directly from the inside of browser’s UI.

Gmail RTL adds the direction buttons that allows writing Left-To-Right and in Right-To-Left manners. They are available the Hebrew & Arabic Gmail interfaces only.

Gmail S/Mime makes it possible to receive and send encrypted and signed S/MIME messages in Gmail. Version 0.2.4 seamlessly inter-operates with Apple, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook 2003.

Gmail Skins allows integrating of your Google homepage alongside your inbox, changing the color of the inbox. Due to this you can view RSS feeds, weather reports, Google calendar module and news headlines from your inbox. Images from your Picasa web album can be easily integrated in to your emails as well HTML tables, images and emoticons. Various page elements as page footer and invite panel can be hided.

Google Toolbar makes it possible to check your spelling whenever you type in web forms, to search your mail with one click, turn street addresses into links to online maps and translate English words into other languages. Internet Explorer 5.5+ and Windows 98/ME/2000/XP are required. Internet Explorer 6.0+ is required for AutoLink and SpellCheck.

Gspace is the app due to which your Gmail Space can be used for file storage. The files can be uploaded from the hard drive. They are accessible from every Internet capable system. Gmail account will look like a FTP host due to the interface. Once the app is installed, a “Gspace” option will appear in the “Tools” menu.

Due to gTalk Sidebar gTalk is installed to the Firefox sidebar.

GTDInBox integrates into Gmail that makes suitable GTD tool that is a effective productivity and simple concept.

WebMail Notifier is designed to check the webmail accounts. It also and notifies the number of unread emails. Multiple accounts can be used in a same host.


Php Gmail Drive includes a set of PHP script to share Gmail attachments with others. The app logins to Gmail automatically. It fetches available file list that is then available to download for others.
MP3 files can be stored in your Gmail account due to Gmail Music app. The music can also be played on the desktop via web-based GUI.

Make your Gmail a useful “To Do” list via Gmail Todo.

Being a Gmail notifying plugin for Trillian Pro, You’ve Got Gmail allows managing your Gmail accounts, as well as to see the list of the accounts in the My Mail Accounts section of Trillian. You also are announced when new e-mails arrive via system tray popup windows.